A Sunny Village on the Sunshine Coast

A Sunny Village on the Sunshine Coast


Caloundra is the southernmost community on the Sunshine Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. Travelers enjoy lovely beaches and year-round sunshine in this tourist mecca which has also been the site of rapid economic growth for over a decade.


In 1989, Jerry Li took over Sunny Village Chinese Restaurant. The origin of the name, Sunny Village, dates back to forty or so years ago. Back then, it was the only Chinese restaurant in town. Conveniently located on Bulcock St. close to the town center, the restaurant is situated in an area that enjoys high pedestrian traffic, making it a prime dining destination for those looking to dine-in or get take-out.


Delightful Dining Experience

If you are looking for some top-notch Chinese food in Caloundra, Sunny Village is definitely one of the best places to go. The menu offers an array of Westernized yet still authentic Chinese food that caters to the locals’ taste preferences. Well-chosen dishes are prepared using original recipes and new ones are created by making innovations to traditional cooking methods. Customers who are looking for healthy options or who have special requests will love the restaurant’s selection of vegetarian, steamed, and gluten-free dishes.


Jerry Li is very particular about the food which is served in his restaurant. To ensure quality and freshness, he regularly orders goods and ingredients from a reliable supplier while also going to the wholesale market twice a week to carefully select ingredients himself. According to Jerry, the quantity must be strictly controlled to avoid overstock. Whenever customers come in the restaurant, they are served with exactly what they want. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen is guaranteed fresh and savory with a good presentation. Chinese restaurants around Australia serve similar fare; therefore restaurants like Sunny Village differentiate themselves through putting an extra focus on fresh ingredients and employing a unique cooking style.


There is always a flood of flavor when garlic and king prawn come together. It is no surprise then that King Prawn in Garlic Sauce is one of Sunny Village’s more popular dishes. Stir-frying peeled and deveined king prawns and minced garlic together allows the garlic sauce to imbue more flavor into the prawns. The dish is served on a sizzling platter with homemade sweet & spicy chili sauce drizzled on top. It is simply amazing how the chef is able to work the garlic into the dish without killing the taste of the prawn. You will be hooked on this mouth-watering dish from the very first bite!


Another original creation, Cantonese Style Poached Beef, is inspired by Szechuan style poached beef. Instead of the hot and spicy broth, the stock for Sunny Village’s Cantonese Style Poached Beef is a mixture of ginger, scallion, soy bean, and other spices. Together they give this healthy dish a light flavor.


There are other delicious offerings prepared by the skillful chefs. Mongolian Lamb, Empire King Prawn, Seafood Hot Pot, and Pork Spare Rib in Salt & Pepper are just some of the house specialties that receive acclaim from the patrons. New dishes are periodically launched to pique the taste buds of discriminating diners. Adhering to his secret recipes, all of the sauces are prepared by Jerry personally. Always made to suit the locals’ preferences, the sauces are never too strong in flavor.  


Every member of the staff is systematically trained after they are hired. They work together as a team, coordinating their efforts to serve the customers in an efficient yet nonintrusive manner.


Communication Makes Progress

Jerry has been serving the locals of Caloundra for more than two decades. In this time, he has built a close relationship with his customers. “For the past 20 years I've been involved in fierce competition and have seen restaurants come and go. I feel fortunate to have such a loyal following supporting me,” Jerry says. He wants to keep all his customers and believes that the way for a neighborhood restaurant to keep customers coming back for more is to emphasize providing great food, first-rate service, a warm communication style, and an immaculate environment. “Always listen to customer feedback and make any changes that will allow you to continue to exceed customer expectations,” Jerry says adding, “we treat our customers well and I think 99% will tell you that they are satisfied with everything from the food to our service.”


Sunny Village’s customer-oriented service and well refined delicacies attract customers in and around the area to visit. It has also won recognition, being named The Best of Queensland in 2001 by the Australian Catering Association. On top of that, it was a winner at the 7th Annual Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Ceremony held in January 2011 in San Francisco, USA. The Top 100 Chinese Restaurants Awards Committee recognized the restaurant for achieving dining excellence in the category of Top 100 Local Favorites.


Jerry isn’t seeking fame—he really just wants to be able to satisfy every customer who dines at Sunny Village. Before coming to Australia, he was a doctor. Intent on beginning a brand new life in this country, he abandoned medicine for the restaurant industry, spending years learning restaurant management and the culinary arts. In 1989, he opened his first restaurant.

“Once you've chosen your career you really need to devote yourself to it no matter how tiring it is.” This mindset is one of the main reasons for Jerry’s success. In the future, he plans to continue working hard to find new ways to surprise his customers. “I would like to invent more healthy dishes and bring in some Western elements to expand this menu.” He also encourages regulars to try out authentic Chinese offerings and special meals.

Name: Sunny Village Chinese Restaurant

Phone: 07-5491-1681

Location: 42 Bulcock St. Caloundra, QLD 4551



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